Road users laud LASG for the construction of new foot bridge at Ojota


    Some road users in the Ojota area of Lagos has applauded the state government for the construction of an additional foot bridge to ease the burden and hardship pedestrians go through on the axis.

    The road users in interviews told journalists that pedestrians queued for hours in the past to use the overstretched lone foot bridge on the highway.

    Stanley Ogungbade, a financial analyst and a caregiver to a physically-challenged person, told journslists that the ramp on the new bridge had made life easier for people living with disabilities.

    “My car broke down on the other side and it would have been pretty difficult to push my cousin across to the other side for us to continue our journey, if not for this ramp.

    “On the old bridge, I don’t know how I would have ferried him across on his wheel chair,’’ he said.

    Barry White, a business man, told journalists that the new foot bridge had reduced stress for users.

    “This new bridge has reduced stress and created easy access on this Ojota route.

    “Thank Governor Ambode for his hard work in creating another bridge, I am wishing him well for more good works. This new bridge is very spacious and leveled for pedestrians,’’ he said.

    Musiliu Sanda, a staff of Gihon Enterprises Ltd, said the bridge was better than the old one that had steep stirs difficult to climb.

    “This is a good development for the state and for pedestrians.

    “Bless the government for their efforts in ensuring that they kept to their promise of creating another bridge,” he said.

    Mohammed Abubakar, a wheel barrow operator, said that the ramps on the new bridge made it easy for their wheel barrows to be pushed across to the other side.

    “The old bridge has no ramp so when we carry loads for people, we must carry the goods on our heads to the other side and come back to take the wheel barrow across on our heads also.

    “Now, we are happy that we can push wares across comfortably without stress and we thank our governor,’’ he said.

    A trader in Ojota who deals on second hand clothes, Inua Wada, lauded the government for removing the discomfort of long waits associated with the use of the old foot bridge.

    “In the past, you would see long queues of people during peak periods because the old bridge was small and narrow. I was robbed twice while going through the long queue.

    “Ambode is really trying and we are happy,’’ he said.


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