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Nigeria has completed three major railway projects


The minister says the Abuja -Kaduna Railway, the Itape-Warri and the Lagos-Ibadan projects have been completed.

The Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, told newsmen that the mileage was part of about 5000km to 6000km, which the present administration planned to embark upon.

He named the Abuja -Kaduna Railway, the Itape-Warri and the Lagos-Ibadan as the projects that had been completed.

According to the minister, over N1 billion has been paid into a special account as the ministry’s contribution to repay part of the loan collected for the rail projects.

”We have awarded a contract to three more companies if you add this ones I have mentioned and one is 225km Itape-Warri.

”The one from Lagos to Ibadan is 156km, then the one from Abuja-Kaduna is about 186km, so close to 700km of rail completed and carrying out commercial activities.

”Within this period as the minister, we have never paid money to the government but we got to the Ministry of Finance and asked them to open an account where we pay money every month as our own contribution for repayment of the loan.

”And I think we have gotten over N1 billion already in the last few months.

”Every month that we pay, we are able to return close to N200million per month,” Amaechi said.

He said that the Federal Government was already negotiating for a new facilities to construct the rail from Ibadan to Kano.

‘We have not finished the loan negotiation with China but we have commenced from budget not from loan, the construction of Kano to Kaduna.

”So that at any point in time the Chinese are able to give us loan, we know that it will be from Ibadan to Abuja, but for now we have done Abuja to Kaduna, we are now doing Kaduna to Kano.

On the 2022 budget,  over N205 billion was earmarked in the budget for the transportation sector.


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