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Lagos-Ibadan rail service records low patronage


The Nigerian Railway Corporation recorded low patronage on its Lagos to Kano line due to a heavy downpour in Lagos on Friday.

The NRC launched its Lagos to Kano transport on Friday and which is to operate only on Fridays.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Lagos to Kano train departed Iddo Station at 12:10pm with most of the passengers drenched.

The rain, which started early in the morning, fell for almost six hours, before stopping around noon.

One of the passengers, Adamu Kamilu, said he was travelling to Zaria to continue his farming profession after selling rams in Lagos.

Kamilu, however, commended the Federal Government for considering middle and low-class level citizens in the country by reviving narrow gauge railway transportation.

Another passenger, Hajia Tawakalitu Lawal, who bought a ticket to Ilorin, said the price was affordable for ordinary persons


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