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I begged Niger Republic to allow rail line to Maradi- Amaechi


The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has said that he begged the government of Niger Republic to allow Nigeria construct the $1.95 billion railway from Kano State into Maradi.

Acccording to the plan, the construction would start from Kano to Dutse-Katsina through Jibia and end in Maradi, Niger Republic.

Shedding light on the matter, Amaechi said he personally travelled to Niger Republic to ensure that their government allowed the railway project’s construction.

While featuring on hannels Television, Amaechi disclosed that Nigeria would foot the bill for the construction of the project.

He lamented that some critics think that he was serving a Northern interest.

Amaechi said: “The worst is that they will say I am serving the interest of the North. Let’s assume that is the argument you will make.

“The worst I can do is stop at Jibia which is the border.

“To even get to Maradi, I had to travel to Niger Republic to even beg them.

“They are not bringing their money. It is our money. But I’m begging them to allow me access into Maradi.”


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