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Housing sector can’t do without government support – Don


Professor Timothy Nubi, the Founder/President of Ideal Habitat Initiative has revealed that it is ‘so frightening’ to admit that the housing sector does not need the government. Nubi, a housing and urban regeneration expert also said that it is pertinent for all to work together to achieve a common goal.

He stated this recently the third day of the Africa International Housing Show (AIHS), in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

“The ability to bring energy, different views, different groups, different generations, different success stories (is important). What we lack in this country is not that we are not succeeding as individuals but, not working together. If you want to go fast, work alone but, if you want to go farther, work together.

“So, we’ve been trying to go alone, fast but, not making any progress and there are things we’ve said here today that really frighten me.

“We are almost getting into a conclusion that we don’t need the government, it’s so frightening. No matter your efforts in life, if you don’t have good governance, you cannot make progress, Nubi added.

He went further to enumerate on the importance of building institutions in a country, infrastructures that can aid the system of a country to move forward. These infrastructures he said must be provided for, by the government.

“No matter how hard working we are, if government fails to perform its role, we can never make progress, we need them. It is deceit that we should just allow them (to be on their own).

“We need a government that will perform, we need a government that will make our efforts work”, he stated.


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