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We are not responsible for high electricity bills – Prepaid meter company


A Nigerian meter manufacturing company has denied claim that it tampers with the devices thereby leading to high cost of electricity bills.

The firm in question, Mojec International Limited, says that tariffs lies within the purview of distribution companies (DISCOs).

The company’s Chief Executive, Chantelle Abdul, said in a statement that its officials would not connive with customers to adjust or fiddle with the meters installed.

Abdul’s statement followed a November 15 allegation at the House of Representatives, bordering on the quality of meters manufactured by the company.

She said the company’s prepaid meters were duly tested and certified by Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA).

“We always ensure that our meters undergo rigorous internal quality control and testing before they are deployed to users.

“Our role in the value chain is to produce world class meters for the purpose of capturing energy consumption by customers and billing by DISCOs and as such we are not directly involved in setting tariff.

“The results of the test proved that our meters are not responsible for any form of rip off the customers,” she said.

The Managing Director said that Mojec was aware that there might be instances of meter manipulation on the part of consumers with the objective to rip off DISCOs.

“We have established a stiff internal regulation that ensures any staff of ours caught in such act is legally dealt with,’’ she said


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