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Third Mainland Bridge: Official says 15 tests have been completed as motorists lament


The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Adedamola Kuti has said that tests on 15 expansion joints on the Third Mainland Bridge had been completed.

The 11.8km-bridge was closed to traffic on Aug. 23 for investigative maintenance tests.

The`investigative maintenance test’ is expected to last for three days from August 24 and Aug. 26.

Kuti told journalists on telephone that a lot of progress was made in testing some expansion joints on the bridge during the day.

“We made significant progress today with good weather, we would continue tomorrow by the grace of God.

“The expansion joints are many, so, we have to pick them one after the other and the test is being conducted on each of them.

“We have done about 14 or 15 today, ” he said but did not disclose the total number of expansions joints to be tested.

Meanwhile, transporters seized the opportunity of congestion on outbound sections of Eko and Apongbon Bridges at the close of work to make brisk businesses by increasing fares.

Outbound traffic from the Island was heavy on both bridges with the congestion extending to Ojuelegba on the Funso Williams Avenue.

Officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA), Federal Road Safety Corps and the Police were seen directing traffic and stationed their patrol teams on the bridges.


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