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Power Supply: REAN partners Stakeholders on improving alternative energy


Mrs Lande Abudu, the Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) says the association is collaborating with other stakeholders in the power sector to improve alternative energy in the country.

Abudu who said this at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, noted that REAN was discussing with the Ministries of Power, Finance and other regulatory bodies to develop the country’s power sector.

“We are in contact with the Ministries of Power and Finance, Customs and other regulatory bodies involved in the power chain,” she said.

According to her, Nigeria should be able to improve its power sector rather than other countries helping her on their own terms.

Abudu said that the association was also working with some renewable energy promoters to develop the Nigerian Economy.

“Our mission is to build a broader association for all renewable energy promoters, enabling and encouraging sustainable development of the economy.

Abudu said that REAN was acting as a link between the government, consumers and other groups to help achieve the promotion of renewable energy as the association could not do it alone.

She said that there was no production of renewable energy locally in the country at the moment, adding that it would be beneficial if local content initiative could be used to manage it.

The REAN executive secretary also appealed to the media to create awareness on renewable energy in the country, adding that access to power was a major challenge in the country.

“Help spread the story to the public so that more people will know about the organisation.

“We want to create awareness, increase communication and build good relationship.


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