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Our goal is to deliver all available 7, 000 MW to consumers in 2018- NDPHC


The Power, Works and Housing Minister (NDPHC) Managing Director, Chiedu Ugbo, has said that it is partnering with other stakeholders in the sector with a view to ensuring that the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) had a distribution system capable of taking all the over 7, 000 MegaWatts to consumers.

He made this remark, on Thursday, during the 22nd conference of power sector stakeholders  organised in Kogi State, which was hosted by Geregu Power Plant and chaired by the Power, Works and Housing Minister, Babatunde Fashola.

According to Ugbo, the greatest challenge of the industry, at present, is how to ensure that the distribution sub-sector becomes upgraded to the required infrastructural standard in such a way that it would be capable of clearing virtually all that is generated.

Ugbo said that Geregu power plant is made up of three units with an installed generation capacity of 450MW, in which two are operational due to distribution challenges gas.

He added that the the three can’t fire the units at full capacity if they are not picking load, noting that they either ramp down or shut down some unit to ensure equilibrium. He stressed that problem is not with TCN or GenCos; it is the under-demand for what is generated for distribution.

He said: “The quantity of gas one gets determines how much you can fire. So we now do between 170 to 200mw depending on whether it is a peak or off-peak period. And that is the focus of the meeting here today. NDPHC as an intervention agency of the government and the other stakeholders are focusing on the DisCos’ ability to take the load.”



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