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Nigerians want FG to continue ‘Nigerian Air’ Project- Survey


Nigerians are clamouring for the establishment a national carrier in the country’s aviation industry, a survey has revealed.

Respondents in the survey conducted by Commerce and Industry Herald, a division of Megawatts Power and Energy Digest, on “Nigeria Air’’, urged the Federal Government to continue with the national carrier project.

Editor-in-Chief of the publication, Mr Abdullahi Yahaya,ald, told journalists in Abuja, that the survey was conducted as part of the organization’s special project, following the suspension of “Nigeria Air’’ project by the government.

He disclosed that 57,000 adult respondents were interviewed online and offline, including direct interviews nationwide, in a random sample, between Sept. 28, 2018 and Nov. 8, 2018.

Yahaya added that the respondents, who comprised 58.9 per cent male and 41.1 per cent female, had 39 per cent private people, 21 per cent public officers and 18.3 per cent civil servants.

According to him, other categories of respondents represented 3.7 per cent while 18 per cent of the people interviewed did not respond.

He said that the survey report indicated that 87.4 per cent of the respondents wanted the national carrier project to continue while 12.6 per cent responded in the negative.

Yahaya said that interviews were conducted using the organisation’s editorial staff and independent research experts, who used the usual contact access of direct interviews as its sample source “for quick and reliable market research’’.

“It is primarily undertaken for the purpose of collating fair and exact opinions of Nigerians on the project which has been in the front burner of public discourse in the last few months.

“Luckily, we got 57,000 respondents and out of this number, plus or minus, we got 87 per cent who agreed that the process of establishing a national carrier should continue.

“We have constituted a committee that wrote the report which will be forwarded to President Muhammadu Buhari through the Minister of State for Aviation.

“The committee comprises aviation professionals, academia and other well-meaning Nigerians across the nation, irrespective of political affiliation.

“With this and coupled with the kind of questions we put to people in our questionnaire during our survey, we have understood that Nigeria is in a perfect position to establish and sustain a national carrier.

“On that process also, we asked for the opinion as to which percentage of venture interest is much appropriate for Nigeria and some people said 50/50 while some suggested higher,’’ he said.

Yahaya said that apart from jobs that would be created through the national carrier, there would be value added services, adding that it would be a permanent training ground for upcoming pilots and engineers.

He said that the report showed that a new national carrier was long overdue for Nigeria, adding that the group got attracted to the discourse because of public outcry about absence of a carrier.

According to him, going by the records from years back, you will realise that stopping a nation from building its own national carrier is nothing but a sabotage

Yahaya commended the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) for recording improvements in infrastructure and facilities in the nation’s airports.

He said that the kind of airport infrastructure in Nigeria currently was better than what other African countries had, especially those that were doing well in airline business.

“As of today, Kano, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu, in addition to Lagos airports, are of high standards.

“FAAN is also doing a lot more in other secondary airports, like Benin Airport, that are being upgraded, ,’’ he said


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