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Nigeria, a viable, ready market for solar energy- Expert


Mr Simon Bransfield-Garth, Chief Executive Officer, Azuri Technologies, says Nigeria is a ready market for solar energy, because the on-grid energy is not robust enough to support the population growth.

Bransfield-Garth made the assertion on Wednesday while speaking with newsmen on the sidelines of the Solar Future Nigeria Exhibition in Lagos.

He said: “Nigeria’s population, boasting of over 200 million inhabitants, is one of the largest in Africa and its economy is one of the continent’s strongest.

“However, the country’s outlook, both in terms of economics and health, could be much more improved if energy access were to be more widespread and reliable.

“Solar energy has the unique potential to address these issues, help cut costs and improve the lives of millions.”

According to him, Kenya and some other East African countries have 10 per cent of their population using solar energy, which is a cleaner and renewable source of power.

He said that only one per cent of Nigeria homes were currently using solar energy, in spite of its attendant benefits, adding that there was need to deepen solar penetration.

Bransfield-Garth said that to this end, Azuri Technologies, which provides latest solar innovation with mobile payment technology, was committed to bringing affordable energy to Nigerians and over 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He said that the firm had rolled out its solar appliances such as television, radios and bulbs to 20,000 homes in Northern Nigeria in 2017 and was currently expanding its reach across the country.

Bransfield-Garth said the process was being driven by strategic partnerships with Marubeni, a Japanese Company and First Bank of Nigeria Plc which provides payment platform for its pay-as-you-go solar appliances.

He said that the move had provided more access to energy for low income Nigerians, while helping them to reduce their spending on fuel and generating sets to power their homes and businesses.

Bransfield-Garth said that the payment on the appliances was a monthly subscription for two and a half years after which the customer would be full owner and still be enjoying the services.

“So, it is basically free energy for our customers. The battery of our products is built to last up to 12 years.

“Our goal is to promote clean and renewable energy for Nigerians and Africans,” he added.


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