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Implementation of existing renewable energy will aid its democratisation – Expert


The Founder, African Energy Advocate Initiative (AEAI), a renewable energy organisation, Alice Ige, has called for the proper implementation of the existing energy policy to aid in its democratisation.

Ige, who is currently a volunteer for the Renewable Focal Point for Eco-System Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly for UN said democratisation meant making energy accessible to everybody.

She made the appeal in an interview journalists in Lagos on Wednesday.

“Basically, we are interested in the democratisation and delivering of clean energy options with an innovative technique in Africa. There is a value chain for everybody in the energy industry and Nigeria is ready for renewable energy, and the country can move forward with the implementation of the fantastic policy in the sector.

“Government has a lot to play with the implementation of the policy, it will create a room for a favourable environment for young people, especially entrepreneurs, the small- and medium-scale enterprises to grow,” she said.

According to her, democratisation of the energy sector would help reduce the crisis in the industry.

Ige said to give the industry a voice, the AEAI Young Renewable Energy Professional Network and the Project 1000 Women was created.

“It is a platform that brings young energy professionals together in the renewable energy sector to ensure that there is full operationalisation of energy policies in Nigeria and also Africa at large.

“Also the project 1,000 women, which will be launched in April is to empower women in energy business and enable them with access to finance to start their energy businesses,” she said.

Young professionals

Ige also said that the creation of the young professionals renewable energy network would give them voice would not allow them to depend solely on government to move forward.

She said that it would help create awareness for the network and for people to value and accept their activities in the industry.

She said that for capacity building, apart from an international body that came on board, the organisation was also in partnership with one of the biggest renewable energy company in Nigeria.

“Capacity is lacking in the country and when we talk about capacity it has to do with technology, training of the youth and finance which is very important in the renewable energy industry.

“We have the skills ready in Nigeria what we just need is to position ourselves and to achieve this, we will be partnering with local companies,” she said.


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