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ICAO, Air Transport agencies set out new global runway safety plan


The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and its global runway safety partners have agreed on a new Global Runway Safety Action Plan to address civil aviation’s safety risks. Its Secretary-General, Fang Liu, disclosed this on Thursday in a statement.

Liu said runway safety had been a global aviation priority for more than 15 years.

She said the new action plan was an important outcome of the detailed analysis of runway risk factors recently undertaken by ICAO. Liu, however, said runway accident related fatalities had declined significantly in recent years through ICAO’s collaborative Runway Safety Programme with its stakeholders.

According to her, such collaborative efforts include the establishment of Runway Safety Teams across airports. She said runway accidents still remained aviation’s number one safety risk category.

“The new Action Plan agreed at 2017 ICAO Symposium will serve to guide the integrated activities of states, airports, airlines, ANSPs and manufacturers to implement runway safety improvement and risk reduction measures,’’ she said.

Liu also said the Action Plan targeted and timelines had been developed to support the runway safety targets already established under ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan.



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