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Enugu Disco thanks Abakaliki residents for patiently living in darkness for 3 months


How would you feel to be without electricity supply for 3 months?

That sums up the general feeling in Abakaliki, particularly around Ogbaga road.

Residents say the supply stopped after the transformer supplying the community became faulty and thus stopped working.

The residents urged the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) to restore supply to the community.

A cross-section of the residents and business owners complain of the adverse effect of the blackout on them.

Emeka Ugwu, a car wash owner in the area, explained that the protracted power outage had affected his business adversely.

“Apart from using the light for domestic purposes, some of us depend on electricity to run our businesses.

“The power generating set in my car wash cannot power the submersible pump used for pumping water into the overhead tank and also used for operating the water spray machine.

Comfort Ofeke, a housewife residing at 40 Ogbaga Road, decried the lingering absence of electricity supply, saying that the situation had subjected electricity users in the area to untold hardship.

“We have entered into the hot season and residents of the affected areas are passing through a lot of hardship due to the absence of power supply.

“We barely sleep at night due to heat, you can’t keep windows open for fear of insecurity, soup and other perishable items that should have been preserved in the refrigerator sour while others get spoiled.

“The company is still bringing energy bills for these periods that we are without light, I’m begging the company to restore supply, ” Ofeke said.

The Network Manager of Abakaliki Office of EEDC, Cyprien Nwankwoegu, confirmed the development.

“We are aware of the situation and we are in constant talks with representatives of the area, we appreciate their patience and understanding since the outage some three months ago.

“We have written and obtained approval from our head office in Enugu to embark on the repairs of the damaged transformer, and I can assure that in less than one month from now, normal supplies will be restored.

On the issue of billing without supply, he said: “We are not billing the affected customers within these months of non-supply of electricity as alleged,” Nwankwoegu said.


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