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Corrupt practices among Government agents, developers ruining the construction industry- Expert


A Chartered Surveyor, Olayinka Omotosho has identified building stakeholders, including government agents and developers as the main bane of building industry  because of their greed and compromising activities.

Omotosho, the Chairman, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), made the assertion in an interview with journalists in Lagos.

He said that the trend, if not checked, could ruin the industry.

According to him, corrupt practices among developers and some authorities that grant building approvals are responsible for collapse buildings and other problems confronting the industry.

He said that some developers, in an attempt to realise huge profits, refused to observe and obey the building code, ethics and conduct.

Omotosho said the building codes state “every stage of building construction must be approved by the state’s physical urban planning offices, and duly monitored by the responsible building control authorities.

“Some developers embark on building projects without first obtaining the necessary building approvals and certification from the state government.

“Even, the few developers that claimed to have met the responsible authorities for approvals usually settle the officers involved, such that necessary examinations and visitations to sites may be skipped.

“If every stage of building construction can undergo adequate screening and have approvals, as stated in the building codes, the incidence of building collapse would have been eradicated in the industry.

“This is because before the government authority approves any project, it needs to ensure that codes and ethic of construction are complied with.

“Government has a key role to play in preventing and detecting corruption in the construction projects and regulation of services in its role as owners of utilities and implementing agencies.”

He urged the authority in-charge of granting building approvals to be more proactive in discharging their duties and to refrain from compromising on standards.

Omotosho identified greediness among some developers, as a factor that should be addressed to sustain the reduction in the collapse of buildings in Nigeria.

According to him, some developers usually cut corners by using substandard building materials to maximise profit.

He noted that materials like rods, granite, sand, cement and others, being major materials for construction, should be mixed at the right proportions for good result to enhance stability of the structure.


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