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Building Collapse: Don calls for public enlightenment on cement application


A university Don, Odey Osha of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, has suggested Public enlightenment on the application of cement to check incessant cases of collapse of buildings.

Osha made the suggestion in Bauchi Thursday while deliver a paper titled “Hydraulic Cements: Curbing the Parallax Error for Accelerated National Housing and Infrastructural Development,” during the 44th inaugural lecture of the university.

The Don, who lectures at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the institution, said “consumers and stakeholders need to be fully sensitized on the use of the various types of common cements being produced and marketed in the country.”

“Lack of information on cement by users, poor regulatory framework and manufacturers’ interest to maximize profit are partly responsible for the poor application and increasing cost of cement in the country.

“There should be price differential for the various cement types and grades for enhanced building Programme.

“Most housing and infrastructural development programmes have failed because of our inability to define the roles of the various material types, their application and pricing,” he observed.

Osha added that ‘Nigerian factor’ was one of the causes of building collapse in the country, saying that such factor and others of its type, were not obtainable in developed countries.

“Apart from the generally known causes of collapse such as design flaws,ageing, materia fatigue, accidents, terrorist attacks and natural hazards, there is the Nigerian factor to contend with.

“The Nigerian factor in the building industry manifests itself in different forms, such as corruption and lawlessness.

“Also, added to this is our faulty presumptions that any engineer or professional in the building environment can assume all forms of responsibility in a building project without the basic skills required for it,” said Osha.


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