Home Roads Apapa: A reporter’s diary on a gridlock of pain

Apapa: A reporter’s diary on a gridlock of pain


The traffic situation in Apapa may not be new but the recent collective efforts of the Local, State and Federal Governments with private firms in the vicinity, seems to be bearing some fruits. Though, little considering the gravity of the situation.

To get into Apapa from any part of Lagos, is hectic to say the least. You will navigate beside a never-enging queue of lorries, trucks and tankers to get to the area.

On getting to its neigbouring communities, you will take a detour through Mobil road in Ajegunle and move through Apapa GRA.

Any contrary route could grant access to join never-ending queue. Infrastructure News took the later under the guidance of the combined Military and Para-Miliatry task force on ground.

To our surprise, traffic was light inside the GRA but the pot holes large enough to swallow a three year old, leave much to be desired.

At Trebor junction on Creek road, orderliness and calm was seen. After some inquiry, Infrastructure News learnt that the Task Force created new situation, though after some stiff resistance from the commercial drivers.

Burma Road, Liverpool road practically all residential areas are free of traffic but movement is clogged with gaping holes.

Keep a date with Infrastructure News on Apapa in the days ahead.


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