Abuja residents lament poor mobile phone network services


    Subscribers of some mobile networks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have complained about the extremely poor services they have been experiencing from  mobile phone network providers for the past 48 hours.

    Lamenting their ordeal on Thursday in Abuja, they complained that they could not make or receive calls for the past two days, especially those using the MTN and GLO Networks.

    Kate Solomon, a Public Servant and an MTN subscriber said the network had been so bad that she could not even make a single call for the past two days.

    “I needed to get a message across to my son since yesterday but I have tried all I could to call to no avail and the worst of it is that I cannot also send text message. I do not know what is happening but the network provider should have noticed a disruption and do something about it, this is not right at all, I feel lost.

    “The regulatory bodies should do something about the disruptions that occur with the network delivery services and sensitise users first; in the climes where all things are done orderly subscribers are informed,” Solomon said.

    Narrating her own plight, Deborah Adeyemi, a journalist said her MTN network was working perfectly on Wednesday but had since disappeared since the beginning of Thursday. Adeyemi, who uses GLO network, expressed worry that the network had been malfunctioning for the past three days – appearing and disappearing.

    “I cannot imagine the kind of network providers we have in this country. I cannot really say what is happening to these networks? It is so crazy when you have data and you cannot connect to know what is happening around the world. As a journalist, I need the network to be able to do my job but for the past three days I cannot access my mail which is so saddening,” Adeyemi lamented.


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